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Growing up in Norway, wool was an important part of the wardrobe, to protect against the cold climate at all seasons of the year. Early on in life wool did itch at times, but it was something we just accepted. There was no better alternative. The same companies that produced my childhood wool clothes, are today making beautiful soft, inner layer clothes, and itchiness is no longer a factor. The main reason is that they import and use wool from other breeds of sheep, like the merino, and the mohair from New Zealand and Australia, and wool from alpacas from South America.

My personal reason for wearing wool, apart from the comfort and the warmth that it brings, are the environmental issues. Wool does not leave any trace in the nature when discarded, and as it captures smell, there is no need to wash it that often. When treated with care, the garment can be used for many years to come. 

Vision for my blog:

Is to enlighten readers as well as myself in all the matters about wool, and how it is produced. 

About this store.

This store contains a sample of wool products designed, produced, or handmade in Norway.  

There are three product categories:

  1. Blankets, shawls, and scarves from Spinnerigarden, Norway

This spinning factory has produced beautiful yarn for weaving for decades, but are now also selling wool blankets, shawls, and scarves, made from Norwegian wool, but also from wool with finer fibers, like merino and alpaca wool. This wool does not come from Norway, but is imported from New Zealand and Peru, to create these super soft, and beautiful products.

  1. Thin-wool, base layer clothes, Norwegian wool companies

Wool clothes that are meant to be worn as a first layer, are all made from wool with fine fibers. This wool does not itch, and it is very comfortable on the skin. More about the wool and its unique features can be read in the blogs.

      3. Hand knit by Hanne or someone who loves to knit!

The most unique feature in this store is the hand knit products. These are knitted by people who knit for pleasure, but who also would love to knit for you.