Collection: Wool blankets, shawls, and scarves

Pledd i 100% Norsk Ull, Skjerf og Sjal i merino og Alpakka. Ullpledd fra Spinnerigården er et resultat av mange års erfaring. Gården har lang tradisjon med spinning og ullsortering.

These blankets are produced by Spinnerigarden in Norway. They are made from Alpaca wool, Merino wool, a mix of Alpaca andMerino wool, or 100% Norwegian wool. 

The 100% Norwegian wool blankets are inspired by nordic traditions, and come in subtle colors connected to nature.

Alpaca blankets are made from baby Alpaca, which is the finest category of Alpaca wool. The blankets are so soft and light, and give a warm hugging comfort, while insulating from the cold.  

The Merino wool, and Merino/Alpaca throw blankets come in different designs, and are both colorful, and beautiful in addition to giving a soft and light feeling